Bitcoin price above $19,000, stock exchanges advertise in London Underground

Bitcoin fairs advertise exuberantly in the London Underground, popularly known as the ‚tube‘: „When you see bitcoin in the Underground, it’s time to buy“.

Bitcoin ads in London Underground
These are the Bitcoin companies Coinfloor and Luno, which was recently purchased by the Digital Currency Group (also owner of Grayscale).

The metro network in the British capital is extensive with 270 underground stations, together accounting for 402 kilometres of metro tracks. Also 650 buses in London and the surrounding area are covered with Bitcoin ads.

Obi Nwosu, founder and CEO of Coinfloor, one of the oldest bitcoin fairs in the UK, explains to Coindesk:

The trains are busier again due to COVID-19 measures being eased and Christmas is coming. Bitcoin is also more accepted as an investment‘.

James Lanigan, chief revenue officer at Luno, also sees the Christmas holidays as a good time to advertise.

Normally the prices to advertise here are much higher, but there is less interest from advertisers because of the corona crisis. So we seize our opportunity‘.

He sees it as an advantage that Coinfloor also started a campaign.

Bitcoin course
The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $19.217.66.

Analyst John van Meer pointed it out this morning: it is important that the price breaks through the $19,400 in order to maintain positive momentum.